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Sustainability Studies

A sustainability studies major prepares students for global citizenship with a firm grounding in the natural sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities. Students in the major explore how to maintain ecological and environmental health, create economic welfare, and pursue social justice in a changing world. Sustainability studies students gain understanding of the ways in which these three goals are interdependent and explore how they best can be pursued over the long term on local, national, and global levels.

Transition Requirements:

  • Must take one of the following: SYO 4530 (Cluster A), ALS 3133 (Cluster C), SWS 3022(Cluster C)
  • Choose two additional courses, either from the above list or from the following: SYG 2010 (Cluster A), GEO 2500 (Cluster B), AOM 2520 (Cluster C), BCN 1582 (Cluster C), BSC 2005 (Cluster D), GEO 2200 (Cluster D), GLY 2030C (Cluster D), WIS 2040 (Cluster D), WIS 2552 (Cluster D)
  • 3.0 UF GPA
  • 2.0 tracking GPA

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