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It takes 120 credit hours to earn your degree, but there are infinite ways to navigate your college journey and prepare for life beyond graduation. Beyond120 is about translating the knowledge, skills, and perspectives you are cultivating through your CLAS education into personal growth and professional development. 

Have a look at the various resources and events available to you through our program, don’t hesitate to reach out to any of our faculty with questions, and start going Beyond120 today!

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Career Readiness Coursework 

The Beyond120 program offers a large curriculum of courses to support your career development. We also have a series of free online career readiness modules that cover skills such as interviewing, professional materials, and personal branding. 

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Global Engagement

Participating in a global experience can help you acquire skills and perspectives that will help you grow as an individual and future professional. Step outside of your comfort zone and learn about other cultures, explore new ideas, and experience a different way of thinking. CLAS offers a wide variety of programs including internship and research opportunities.

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Workshops and Excursions

The Beyond120 program will be regularly hosts workshops and excursions focused on various dimensions of professional development. While workshops can last 1-2 hours, excursions range in time from one day to one week. Previous locations have included Gainesville, Tampa, Tallahassee, Washington, D.C., and London, UK.

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There are many opportunities to engage in virtual and in-person internship experiences. We have several resources to help you get started. Should you obtain a remote internship, you may earn credit for this experience by enrolling in IDS4940: Internship.

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Whether you’re conducting research in a group setting or designing your own project with a faculty mentor, undergraduate research is one of the best things you can do to expand your skillset and sharpen your mind outside the classroom. The number of prestigious research opportunities available to UF-CLAS students spans every major and area of interest.

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Beyond120 offers curricular and experiential resources for pre-health students.  Beyond120 also offers pre-health students the opportunity to get involved in experiential activities to gain knowledge of healthcare professions, the human side of healthcare, and grow personally and professionally.

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Program FAQs

What is the Beyond120 Program?

Beyond120 is the experiential learning and career development program in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. There are many powerful experiences you can engage with as a college student: internships, study abroad trips, research, service-learning, excursions, and more. We encourage you to make the most of your time in CLAS and pursue and and all of the resources the Beyond120 program has to offer!

There is no formal application to participate in Beyond120 activities. You can take advantage of any and all of our resources. However, we do offer the Experiential Scholars Program and the Beyond120 Young Professionals. The Beyond120 Young Professionals is a student-run organization that focuses on sharing experiential learning opportunities with students.


In addition to participating in the Beyond120 offerings, several students have been offered full-time positions after graduation. Our goal as a program is for you as a student to feel confident and comfortable as a young professional entering the workforce.

Enroll in Beyond120 Coursework

Begin Your Professional Portfolio

Professional Pathways - This course serves as an introduction to personal and professional development. Students engage with multiple theories of career development, practice transferable skills, cultivate professional abilities such as resume-writing and interviewing, and identify the connections between these skills, themselves, and industries of interest.

Global Pathways: Preparing for International Engagement - This course is designed to prepare you for your overseas experience and provides the intercultural perspectives and practical skills necessary to craft a strategic action plan that integrates world experience, civic engagement, and professional development to prepare future citizens of the global Gator Nation.

Introduction to Research in the Liberal Arts and Sciences - This course will help students find research opportunities and acquire research skills. Topics covered will include formulating research questions, drafting project proposals, cultivating professional relationships with faculty, presenting at conferences, and getting published.

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Join the Beyond120 Canvas Page

Self-enroll in the Beyond120 Canvas page which ensures that you receive regular announcements regarding internships, study abroad, research, scholarships, and excursion opportunities as well access to our free Professional Skills Curriculum. This curriculum is a series of modules that cover different dimensions of career and academic development. See a list of current offerings below, and remember that new modules are added frequently:

  • Professional Materials (domestic resumes/cover letters)
  • Global Job Materials (resume/cover letters outside of U.S.)
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Networking
  • Research Writing
  • Teaching Overseas
  • Attending Academic Conferences
  • Digital Research
  • Personal Branding
  • Resilience
  • Goal Setting

Join the Beyond120 Canvas page.

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