We offer workshops tailored specifically to address the needs and concerns of exploratory students.

What Do I Want to Study?

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Statistically speaking, 61% of UF students change majors within their first two years. By the time UF students become seniors, up to 33% have changed majors more than once. In other words, even when students believe they know what they want to study, it is not uncommon for them to change their minds. This presentation seeks to demystify the process of choosing a major by reviewing concrete recommendations for exploring your options at UF. We offer strategies on how to learn about yourself, learn about your academic options and learn about career fields, all of which play an integral part in identifying areas of interest. We articulate specific steps students can be taking, especially in their first year, to be productive explorers. The presentation is also full of resources to help students feel empowered and supported along their journey to finding a major.

Additional Workshops

Exploring Gators Mini-Conference
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