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2023 Centralized Application Services (CAS) Event

February 7, 2023

Get ready for the application process. All the information you need for successful completion of applications – all in one week.

Presentations offered for:

  • AMCAS and AACOMAS (medical) – live via Zoom
  • AADSAS (dental) – live via Zoom
  • VMCAS (veterinary medicine) – live via Zoom
  • CASPA (physician assistant) – cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances
  • OTCAS (occupational Therapy) – live via Zoom
  • PHARMCAS (Pharmacy) – pre-recorded

Application components and preparation:

  • Writing Components of the Application
  • Choosing Schools
  • Interviewing Components
  • Am I A Competitive Applicant

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

  • Dental School Applications- AADSAS- Brittany Hoover, M.Ed., Assistant Director CLAS Pre-health Advising
    View the Mediasite video
  • Medical School Applications- AMCAS and AACOMAS- Bobbi Knickerbocker, M.A., MRE, RN- Senior Lecturer and Beyond 120 Pre-health Curriculum Coordinator and Director PHPB
    View the Mediasite video
    View the Microsoft Stream video
  • UF OTCAS – Dr. Carolyn Hanson, Co-host Laurie Tejada
    5:00 – 6:30 p.m.
    Join the Zoom meeting
    Meeting ID: 984 7193 2708
    Passcode: 900900
  • Physician Assistant School Applications- CASPA with Heather Storm from PAEA and co-host Meredith Beaupre, M.Ed. from UF Honors Pre-health Coordinator
    We will post a recorded presentation in the next 2 weeks.
    Please consider attending an info session. Spring 2023 UF PA School and application tips. 2023 Info Session dates: February 15, March 21, April 10, and May 18. If you cannot attend the above sessions, a recording of the February 2023 Information Session will be posted here once available.
  • Veterinary School Applications- VMCAS- Abner Rivera, UF College of Veterinary Medicine and Co-host Katherine Beaty Ivey, M.S. Assistant Director CALS Pre-health Advising
    View the presentation.
  • Pharmacy-PHARMCAS – Mary Beth Yokomi
    View the Vimeo recording. Visit the Pharmacy School website for more information.

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