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Here are some policies to keep in mind if you’re thinking of studying abroad:
  • Most programs require a minimum 2.5 UF GPA. Some programs may require a higher UF GPA or have additional selection criteria. Be sure to look at the eligibility and application information for the programs you are considering to be sure you qualify. If it is your first semester at UF, and you have not established a UF GPA, you may still apply.
  • Study abroad programs approved by the International Center and our office will not break the residency requirement. If your degree audit shows that your residency requirement is unmet due to study abroad, please contact an advisor.
  • Students who enter a state university in Florida with fewer than 60 credits must earn at least nine credits before graduation during summer terms at State University System (SUS) institutions. However, students who earn six credits through UF-sponsored, UF exchange or approved SUS study-abroad programs during one or two summer terms completely satisfy the summer-term enrollment requirement. In addition, credits earned through any of the study-abroad programs approved by UF during a summer term count toward satisfaction of the summer-term enrollment requirement. Students who bring 60 or more transfer credits to UF, regardless of institution, will be exempt from completing the summer requirement at UF.

Study Abroad Academic Advisement forms:

  1. Please be sure the International Center approves your Study Abroad Academic Advisement form prior to seeing an advisor at the Academic Advising Center.
  2. Course Approval: Advisors cannot determine exact equivalencies for courses. If you are going on a UF exchange program, or if you want your courses to count towards your major, minor, or certificate, you must have a department sign off on the course(s). For UF sponsored and transfer programs, an advisor can sign for any electives or general education courses.
  3. Submit forms (once the department has signed off, if needed) to