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Student Spotlight: Neill Peterson

I graduated from the University of Florida’s East Asian Languages & Literatures – Japanese Program in 2013 after joining the program as a transfer student from the University of Central Florida in my junior year of college. Upon graduating, I worked in the Aomori Prefectural Education Center helping to create the English questions for the prefectural high school entrance exams for a year on the JET Program before moving to Tokyo in 2014.

I am currently a marketing strategist at Nikko Asset Management, working closely with both our global offices and our local offices to put on advertising campaigns for our funds, events, and brand. Outside of work, I am also a part of Tokyo’s up-and-coming body building scene.

As the majority of my work is done in Japanese, UF’s Japanese language classes and classes on the culture were critical to my having an easy transition into the professional, no-nonsense business world of Tokyo. My classes afforded me a foundational understanding that has been continually built on year after year, and I am extremely grateful for the program which I feel adequately prepared me.

Please explore the CLAS Japanese major for more information.