Career Readiness

"What can I do with that major?" One reason that question can seem perplexing is the difficulty in explaining how the skills learned in the classroom translate into the world of work and career. How does Chaucer relate to adaptability or titration develop emotional intelligence?

The good news is that being a student in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences gives you an incredible range of opportunities to cultivate skills in all that you study and do. The Beyond120 Career Readiness Curriculum is designed to give you a framework to map out how you will learn and develop competencies both within the classroom and through the many experiential learning opportunities available to Liberal Arts and Sciences majors. You will learn how to identify skills you have learned and want to learn and will create plans for cultivating and developing those skills. And you will gain the confidence necessary to articulate and translate those skills into almost any setting possible. You will learn that the answer to the question "what can you do with that major?" is "Anything I want."

Skills within the Career Readiness Curriculum

Personal Development
Dealing with success and failure
Guided reflection
Handling criticism - feedback Initiative
Emotional Intelligence
Presentation skills
Situational awareness

Organizational Development
Communication skills
Conflict management
Persuasion -> selling
Team building
Relationship Management

Management Skills Development
Decision making
Goal setting
Idea generation
Problem solving
Risk Management
Task management
Time management
Writing and editing