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Academic Advising Center

Peer Mentoring Program

  1. Peer mentors provide support, and encouragement for new transfer students.
    • Receive basic training on when and how to refer students to additional resources, such as the Academic Advising Center, Broward Teaching Center, Student Activities and Involvement, Career Connection Center or GatorWell.
  2. Mentors are required to treat their students with respect and dignity, and acknowledge the trust placed on them regarding personal discussions with their mentees.
  3. Meetings with mentee occur once a month.
  4. There are 2 social events planned in the semester, so students in the program can bond with one another. Attendance to the socials are highly encouraged.
  5. Mentors serve for 2 semesters, with an option to continue for additional semesters.
    • Mentors are paired with mentees of the same or similar major.
    • Each mentor will not have more than 3 mentees.
  6. Mentees participate in the program for 1 semester.
  7. Currently the program is limited to those majors in the Mathematics and Natural Sciences.