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The Services below are for CLAS advising in the PaCE and UF Online Programs only. If you are a residential/on-campus student (even if taking all online courses this semester), please see the AAC homepage for more information about CLAS Advising Services.

Advising Appointments

CLAS UF Online and PaCE advisors see students by appointment only. You can schedule an appointment using the link below. There is a short questionnaire you will need to complete to make sure you are contacting the appropriate office, and that our advisors will be able to assist you. Schedule an appointment with a CLAS PaCE/UF Online advisor.

Call-In Advising

Students can call-in to speak with their advisor, based on the calendar listed below, by calling us at 352-294-2205. Below the calendar, you’ll see more information about when you should utilize call-in advising, or when you should schedule an appointment.

Call-in Advising: 1:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. ET
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Appointment only
  • Computer Science (last name L – Z)
  • Psychology
  • Sociology, and PaCE students in CLAS majors pre-transition (except Computer Science) last names A-K
  • Computer Science, last names A-K, and all PaCE Computer Science majors pre-transition
  • Anthropology
  • Criminology
    • Biology
    • Geography
    • Geology
    • Environmental Geosciences
  • PaCE students in CLAS majors pre-transition (except Computer Science) last names L-Z


Laura Beth Lancaster Dylan
Nicole Raymond

When should I make an advising appointment?

  • You are a newly admitted UF Online student needing an initial appointment with your advisor.
  • You are seeking readmission to the UF Online program.
  • You need to discuss a hold such as probation or a registration hold.
  • You have questions about changing to a CLAS UF Online major.
  • You are filing a petition and need an interviewing officer statement.

When should I utilize call-in advising?

  • You have a quick, advising-related question.
  • You cannot register for a course because of a pre-requisite issue.
  • You want to discuss a tracking hold.
  • You would like a quick review of your course schedule.