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Tips for Junior Transfer Students

  • CLAS accepts applications for summer, fall and spring terms by designated deadlines.
  • Transfer applications are available online.
  • Florida state college students (formerly Florida community colleges) who will have an AA degree awarded are given admission priority under the state’s articulation agreement. However, space availability still makes admission competitive.
  • Upper division transfer students (students applying with 60 or more hours earned) from a non-Florida state/community college are also considered on a space availability basis. (Students with greater than 90 hours earned are generally not considered for admission since they have senior status at their current institution.)
  • We recommend that at least one-half of the courses for your desired major be completed by the time you apply for admission and list the additional courses you are taking as “in-progress” on your application.
  • Complete your major courses on the first attempt whenever possible. But if you do require more than one attempt, please be aware that both attempts (including grades of W) will be considered when your application is reviewed.
  • Be sure to have your current institution submit an updated college transcript as soon as new grades are posted throughout the application process.
  • Use the “Statement of Intent” section on your transfer application to discuss your goals and to explain any aspects of your academic background or academic record that you think would be helpful to the admissions committee.
  • Since the AA (Associate of Arts) degree is required for transfers from the Florida state/community college system, be sure to apply for the AA degree at the beginning of your last semester at your current institution.