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Where to Go for Advising Help

Major: UF is composed of 16 undergraduate colleges in which students can pursue a major. In order to declare/change your major or to add another major, you would need to meet with the advisor(s) in that specific college. Contact information can be accessed on the UF College Advisors website.

Minors and Certificates: Students can also pursue minors and certificates while completing a major or majors at UF. To learn about the process for declaring minors and/or certificates, speak with your corresponding advisor.

How can I maximize my time at UF?

Study Abroad: o Studying abroad can allow students the opportunity to learn about other cultures and expand their world views. This new knowledge can be applied to almost any career field. You can learn more about UF-approved study abroad programs by visiting the International Center in the HUB.

Internships: Students can earn academic credit for internships. Internships enable students to test out potential career interests, to earn basic work experience and to network. To discuss the option of earning credit, speak with your advisor. In order to learn more about interning and how to obtain a position, visit the Career Connection Center.

Volunteering: Like interning, volunteering also enables student to test out potential career interests, to earn basic experience and to network. Opportunities to give back to the community are available through government and charitable organizations at the local, state and even national levels. One place to start exploring volunteer experiences is UF’s Center for Leadership and Service.

Leadership/Involvement: There is a wide variety of leadership opportunities at UF in any of the more than 500 student organizations connected to academic majors and programs, as well as ethnic, professional, social and other special interests. Getting involved on campus allows students to make connections both personally and professionally, and can also allow students to develop a variety of skill sets. To learn more about the different student organizations on campus, you can visit the Center for Student Activities and Involvement.

Research: Students can find numerous opportunities to pursue research under the direction of a faculty member. These opportunities offer students valuable experience in their fields and can also be pursued for academic credit in some instances. Students who pursue research may also choose to use the experience to write a senior thesis that could qualify them for graduation with high or highest honors. One place to find information on conducting research at UF is the Honors Program’s website.

Interested in Pre-Health or Pre-Law?

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences’ Academic Advising Center offers services accessible to all undergraduate pre-health and pre-law students attending UF. These services can include advising assistance for pre-requisites, admissions, involvement, and general questions related to either law school or a health related graduate or professional program.