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2018-2019 Executive Board

Tau Sigma Honor Society Delta Chapter Officers

Lucia Aguirre Marcel Komer Tanya Chiu
Lucia Aguirre,
Biology Major
Pre-Medical Student
Marcel Komer,
Vice President
Exercise Physiology Major
Pre-Medical Student
Tanya Chiu,
Interior Design Major
Sustainability and the Built Environment Minor
Madison Brown Alina Mercedes Maria Jose Moncada
Madison Brown,
Linguistics Major
Dance Minor
Alina Mercedes,
Director of Communications
Biology Major
Maria Jose Moncada,
Director of Social Media
Interior Design Major
Sustainability and the Built Environment Minor
Fadi AlAji
Fadi AlAji,
Director of Sales
Finance Major
Information Systems and Operations Management Minor
Real Estate Minor
Robert Kwong

Robert Kwong, M.S.
Tau Sigma Advisor
Academic Advisor
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
University of Florida

I am the advisor for the Delta Chapter of Tau Sigma National Honor Society at UF. I also work as an academic advisor for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. In addition to providing general advising for CLAS majors and Exploratory students, I also am involved in programming support services for CLAS Transfer Students. I have worked with non-traditional college students from the time I taught Biology as a lecturer and I understand that Transfer Students need a different set of support services, and this is why I chose to serve as an advisor serving the Transfer Student population. My family emigrated from Hong Kong, and I am the first in my family to attend college. I graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a B.S. in Chemistry and then my M.S. in Biomedical Science at Barry University in Miami, FL. I taught Biology courses at Loyola University of Chicago, and also worked as a Learning Assistance Counselor. At UF, I previously worked as a pre-health advisor and have taught courses in the Honors Program. I believe education provides the tools to help us discover our talents and passions and the opportunities to use those gifts to serve to others.